Business Tips: 5 Major Things To Consider Before Expansion Of Your Business

So, after a year plus of running The Blogger Point, my team and I have been thinking of expansion. I mean after almost two years of the business, we not doing bad financially, the team is in a good shape and growing, we might start considering expansion of our services right? Well, just before making the final decisions and taking the big steps. I had to sit down and step back a bit from the situation then gather some business tips. I needed to be very realistic and clear with everything. So, I started searching and approaching experts to get some advice and reviews. Here are some facts I was able to pin down from the whole “research“: View Post

Why Brands Are Not Contacting

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8 Reasons Why Brands Are Not Contacting You

Many chances are you are reading this post because you think you are getting brands collaborations as much as you should either this has been happening for long or it due to recent changes in your blogging journey.

At The Blogger Point, one of our aims is to create opportunities for bloggers which draw us to working with different brands and businesses. As well as the team being bloggers ourselves in different niches. So, I thought it would be of great help to share some insides wisdom as we can see from both blogger and brand side of the tunnel.

Not to waste any of your time, here are 8 reasons why brands are not contacting you or  might not be getting as much collaboration as you’d like or deserve: View Post

ebook or e-guide

Finally, I am really excited to share this with you.

I’ve been working on this e-guide for several months now and I can’t believe it is finally ready.

This is an e-guide put together for basically all bloggers especially beginners and newbies in the blogging industry. Although, it has only 12 pages, however, this is a timeless piece that will help you kick-start your blog correctly and guide you through your long-term blogging journey.

I know you read tips on my blog but this e-guide is stepping further than my regular blog-posts.

Blogging can look like a long walk to success but trust me, contents of this e-guide will help you through the rough paths. View Post


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How To Successfully Collaborate With Influencers To Boost Your Business

Running The Blogger Point for over a year now has surely thoughts me so much about influencer marketing. According to emarketing, 48% of companies have decided to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2017, which is significantly higher than the previous years.

Influencer marketing is far from just working with every blogger in the industry and it is definitely not all about working with every blogger with the highest numbers of followers. [Scroll down to continue reading] View Post


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Featuring Tobi…..

Today, I am announcing the 4 lucky bloggers I have chosen for my 1-week FREE blog consultation in October. But, just before we continue I wanted to talk about these pieces I am wearing. So, when I got contacted by the fashion brand TOBI. I was a bit surprised as their brand isn’t strictly a “modest brand” and to think on their page, I didn’t really spot any modest blogger wearing their pieces. Wow, they must really love my fashion interpretation; my first thoughts. View Post

Editing apps

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Editing apps

5 Phone Editing Apps I Use On Instagram….

Just because I get lots of DM’s on how I edit my pictures. Lately, I have been trying out NEW apps and I must say, I still very much prefer my old apps. I know revealing the actual apps one uses for editing in the blogging industry is like a top secret. Why? I can’t really answer to that too. Okay, as I want this post to be all about helping each other grow and getting better before we continue, repeat this slowly: “I promise to drop atleast 1 app I use for editing to help others in the comment box below”. View Post

Student side hustle

Side Hustle – 5 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student…

Right in time for everyone going back to University. I was glad someone requested for this post cos I personally was a hustler when in school and I’m still hustling. Not to waste most of your time, we will roll into it. Side note: You need to remember one thing: Regardless of how much you are making from your side hustle or how much fun you are having, always remember your education is your priority and should come first. The aim when you applied for that course was to finish with a great grade and graduate with lovely experience. So, hustle wisely and be smart. View Post