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My Biggest Blogging Challenges

Hey guys,

How are you doing today? Today’s post got me so excited. Can’t figure if it’s because of the style pictures or the topic itself. Just finished completing blog consultations for my “1-week free blog consultation program” winners, remember that? And, I can’t describe how much things I learned from analyzing and just communicating with the bloggers. I enjoy helping other bloggers grow and the whole experience was just wonderful. Thank you guys for trusting me with your blog, I hope I was able to help you shed clarity on some things. 

Moving on, today’s post simply focuses on one common question the bloggers I did the consultation for asked but also, one of the FAQ. What are my biggest blogging challenges and how did I solve them? View Post

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“Optimizing your blog is very key and when it comes to achieving the best SEO optimisation, this might not totally be the easiest thing to achieve.”

SEO Tutorial For Bloggers: How To Easily Achieve The Best Optimisation For Your Post

Hello “Daisy Blogger-Babes“, welcome back to another interesting post. This week, we will be talking about SEO. This must be one of the highly requested topics on my blog but you know me, I like to be sure and have enough “effective” tips and tricks before sharing with you. I like to share but it needs to be worth both your time and mine. View Post


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Hey guys,

Hope your week is starting on a very positive note? I am probably in class at the moment. One of my University goals this year is to avoid missing any class which I’ve been staying true to. Anyways, today’s post isn’t about my class, its all about one of the biggest challenges every blogger go through: Staying consistent.

Apart from getting so many questions on consistency, I know many people wonder how I stay on top of things even though I still think I am struggling but then I guess I make it look easy. 

Today, I will be sharing my daily blog routine with you guys covering how I plan my Instagram posts, Facebook page, Pinterest and blog post. Perhaps if you try it, it might make you a consistent blogger too or atleast, motivate you to stay consistent. Starting from [SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING]: View Post


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How To Successfully Collaborate With Influencers To Boost Your Business

Running The Blogger Point for over a year now has surely thoughts me so much about influencer marketing. According to emarketing, 48% of companies have decided to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2017, which is significantly higher than the previous years.

Influencer marketing is far from just working with every blogger in the industry and it is definitely not all about working with every blogger with the highest numbers of followers. [Scroll down to continue reading] View Post

Ideas for blogpost title

How To Create Attention-Grabbing Title For Your Blogpost

One of the biggest tricks to getting those clicks and boosting your blog traffic is creating an ‘attention grabbing’  blog title. A very interesting title that can catch everyone’s attention can spread your blog miles away. I never really put so much effort in my titles until some few months ago and since then, my stats have never been the same. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get into this post and make sure you apply these tricks to your next blogpost. View Post

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Styling Co-Ord

A statement Co-ord is a must have in your wardrobe especially if you consider yourself a fashion savvy! Let me give you a quick introduction to Co-ord in case you are not so familiar with this 21st century ‘trendy terminology’: Co-ord in today’s fashion is what was called matchy-matchy or sets. 

Before now, Co-ords are seen as ‘too-much’ or let say ‘being extra’ as it’s a combination of same patterns or texture from head to toe. But lately, Co-ords has seen a huge spike both in women and men fashion industry. I know what you are thinking: Do men wear Co-ords too? Yes, they do. In fact, they have started wearing rompers which are called “Romhim” according to Metro Magazine (That’s another topic for another day)

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know how much I love a nice set and one piece. Less is always more for me. So, having a two-piece I can rock 4 different ways is a winning affair all day. For this collaboration with the gorgeous blogger, Partner in success and great friend Demi from High Street Mania, we’ve decided to style a Co-ord giving it our personal style interpretation.

Demi went for a more “I am ready to nail this business meeting” look. A casual but classy striped co-ords paired along with her minimal pair of perspex heels and her gorgeous nude cross-bag from Aily official. What I love most about her outfit is the colour and style of her piece. It’s simple, casual but yet classy and perfectly suits any type of occasion.

On the other hand, I went all in with bright and colourful Co-ord with bold stripes. To tone the whole look down, I opted for a pair of casual fringe slides from Zara and of-course, as a brand ambassador for Aily Official. I crowned my look with one of their pieces: EMERALD cross-bag (Same as Demi but in mustard)

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To see my complete look, head over to Demi’s blog – Click HERE! Here is a sneak peek (below)…

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