Ideas for blogpost title

How To Create Attention-Grabbing Title For Your Blogpost

One of the biggest tricks to getting those clicks and boosting your blog traffic is creating an ‘attention grabbing’  blog title. A very interesting title that can catch everyone’s attention can spread your blog miles away. I never really put so much effort in my titles until some few months ago and since then, my stats have never been the same. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get into this post and make sure you apply these tricks to your next blogpost. View Post

How to boost your Instagram following

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, I tried it and it worked for me [It might not work for everyone]

Instagram Following:

I don’t know if 6 weeks is enough time to test a method but I tried it and it worked. Although, I am not where I wish to be, but the difference is clear. Several weeks ago, I read about how to increase social media following on one of my various favourite social media experts website. So, after digesting the knowledge, I decided to try it out myself.

This is actually the first time I am religiously paying extra attention to building my following. Just like every blogger, I post pictures and use the popular hashtags with hope to attract more people to my page. But, after reading the article, then I made a decision to test it out.  I gained over 800 followers in 6 weeks [If you follow me closely on Instagram, you must have noticed]. So, I thought, why not share with you guys to try out too and let see how it goes.  Let’s get straight into it: [Scroll down to continue reading]

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quality Contents for blog

How Do Bloggers Find Quality Contents For Their Blog?

This is one of the biggest difficulties bloggers face: finding contents for their blog. When we talking about content, I mean great contents that keep your readers asking for more and coming back. These actually aren’t as difficult as we take it.

Firstly, you want to make a list of things you are passionate about. Start writing about these things and give yourself time to really discover which one you enjoy the most. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you are writing on topics from different niches. Take this period as your trial period which is meant for experimenting different topics and niches. Other ways to get great contents are: View Post