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Finally, I am really excited to share this with you.

I’ve been working on this e-guide for several months now and I can’t believe it is finally ready.

This is an e-guide put together for basically all bloggers especially beginners and newbies in the blogging industry. Although, it has only 12 pages, however, this is a timeless piece that will help you kick-start your blog correctly and guide you through your long-term blogging journey.

I know you read tips on my blog but this e-guide is stepping further than my regular blog-posts.

Blogging can look like a long walk to success but trust me, contents of this e-guide will help you through the rough paths. View Post


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How To Successfully Collaborate With Influencers To Boost Your Business

Running The Blogger Point for over a year now has surely thoughts me so much about influencer marketing. According to emarketing, 48% of companies have decided to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2017, which is significantly higher than the previous years.

Influencer marketing is far from just working with every blogger in the industry and it is definitely not all about working with every blogger with the highest numbers of followers. [Scroll down to continue reading] View Post


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Featuring Tobi…..

Today, I am announcing the 4 lucky bloggers I have chosen for my 1-week FREE blog consultation in October. But, just before we continue I wanted to talk about these pieces I am wearing. So, when I got contacted by the fashion brand TOBI. I was a bit surprised as their brand isn’t strictly a “modest brand” and to think on their page, I didn’t really spot any modest blogger wearing their pieces. Wow, they must really love my fashion interpretation; my first thoughts. View Post

Editing apps

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Editing apps

5 Phone Editing Apps I Use On Instagram….

Just because I get lots of DM’s on how I edit my pictures. Lately, I have been trying out NEW apps and I must say, I still very much prefer my old apps. I know revealing the actual apps one uses for editing in the blogging industry is like a top secret. Why? I can’t really answer to that too. Okay, as I want this post to be all about helping each other grow and getting better before we continue, repeat this slowly: “I promise to drop atleast 1 app I use for editing to help others in the comment box below”. View Post

Student side hustle

Side Hustle – 5 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student…

Right in time for everyone going back to University. I was glad someone requested for this post cos I personally was a hustler when in school and I’m still hustling. Not to waste most of your time, we will roll into it. Side note: You need to remember one thing: Regardless of how much you are making from your side hustle or how much fun you are having, always remember your education is your priority and should come first. The aim when you applied for that course was to finish with a great grade and graduate with lovely experience. So, hustle wisely and be smart. View Post

rate card/ media kit template

Hi guys, hope you are having a lovely day? Well, I am having a great time. So, today’s topic is one of the most highly requested topic: What to consider when charging a brand? How much do I charge a brand?

I get many people ask me what price or how do they charge a particular brand for a particular collaboration. Well, one thing I will say is, there is no ‘Set price‘ that works for every blogger. Don’t let anyone deceive you by saying there is a minimum price you should collect for a particular collaboration. View Post


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5 Ways To Make Your Small Business Look Big And Professional Online For More Opportunities

Writing this post with so much happiness because this is one particular post I can relate to. Trust me when I say how people portray your business online can impact how much opportunities come your way and how serious people take your business. I remember starting THEBLOGGGERPOINT in my university apartment. 

The launch of the agency kick-started with a brunch and planning needed to commence immediately. I would sit down on my double bed filled with soft pillows and text books with my laptop sending sponsorship proposal to big brands referring to myself as “Us at The Blogger Point would like you to blah blah blah”. I use to laugh at myself several times asking who the “US” is, considering it was just me. Yes, it can sound vain to some people but to me, it’s called faith, determination and vision. The way you portray yourself really matters. View Post

blog consultation

Don’t Miss It – I Am Offering FREE Blog Consultation To 4 Lucky Bloggers

You already know one of my favourite things in the world is seeing other bloggers grow and helping every little way I can. So, this month, I have decided to offer one of my services to 4 lucky bloggers. I get lots of questions through social media DMs and emails concerning blogging in general. Sometimes, I legitimately can’t keep up. Lately, few people even asked me to be their “Blog mentor”, like I was surprised and honoured at the same time cos for me, that’s a big deal. It shows you guys actually read my blog and trust me enough to give me such a HUGE responsibility. View Post

law of attraction

How ‘Law Of Attraction’ Is Helping Bloggers Grow Their Blog In 2017

Many times we try to do things and just find a way to talk ourselves out of it simply because we are too scared to accept it or rather thinking: “Who am I to tell people what to do or how to do it”? Well, here is where we are all getting it wrong. 

I remember when I was in University doing my undergraduate degree. When I meet people, I will struggle to tell them I study ‘Fashion Marketing and Branding’. Why? Well, as human, we generally judge people’s intelligence on their course of study. Especially in the midst of people studying Law, Pharmacy or Engineering. I was too scared and carried away with what the next person would think of me. Then, I always feel the need to prove my intelligence which somehow helped me cos I would take extra time to educate myself on other areas of life and strive to be the “Society” smart lady. However, that is still a bad mindset. View Post

female entrepreneurs


5 Excellent Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

One thing I have noticed in the business world is how female entrepreneurs have been underrepresented. Especially in a country like Nigeria where I come from, before recent years, the word entrepreneur has mostly been associated with men. And, it’s a great thing to see how young women are taking over and making big moves lately. View Post

Blogging mistakes 

When starting a blog, it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of starting and launching your platform. However, there are few things you want to avoid doing. It’s best to know these things now than several months or years after. One of the things that make a good blogger is one that is constantly finding an interesting and fresh way of getting his or her message across. 

Which is why I have started this ‘blogging tips‘ segment on my blog cos as you already know, apart from being a passionate business individual. I am very passionate about helping bloggers that are ready to learn and grow in general. So, let’s get straight into it. What are the blogging mistakes you should avoid?: View Post

starting a small business

I remember planning how I will apply everything I learnt on my marketing and branding course in my own little business after University. Afterall, this course was structured more like a ‘Business developement’ course, so, I should be ready to launch a business straight away without so much mistakes and struggle. Well, I was only messing with myself because regular business mistakes are not thought in school and no one will tell you everything you need to know. However, everyone can share their little experience and you can learn from their mistakes as well. View Post

Ideas for blogpost title

How To Create Attention-Grabbing Title For Your Blogpost

One of the biggest tricks to getting those clicks and boosting your blog traffic is creating an ‘attention grabbing’  blog title. A very interesting title that can catch everyone’s attention can spread your blog miles away. I never really put so much effort in my titles until some few months ago and since then, my stats have never been the same. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get into this post and make sure you apply these tricks to your next blogpost. View Post

brand your business


Branding is one niche I am really passionate about and it makes me giggle when some people think business branding is just all about creating a business logo and card.

The biggest misconception about branding is jumping into a conclusion that branding is the same thing as a logo. Yes, a business logo is one of the biggest things in branding. However, it doesn’t stop at that. From having a unique and remarkable logo that makes you stand out from the market, you need to know your business value to create an outstanding business personality, brand identity, customers experience and great business development. View Post

How to boost your Instagram following

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, I tried it and it worked for me [It might not work for everyone]

Instagram Following:

I don’t know if 6 weeks is enough time to test a method but I tried it and it worked. Although, I am not where I wish to be, but the difference is clear. Several weeks ago, I read about how to increase social media following on one of my various favourite social media experts website. So, after digesting the knowledge, I decided to try it out myself.

This is actually the first time I am religiously paying extra attention to building my following. Just like every blogger, I post pictures and use the popular hashtags with hope to attract more people to my page. But, after reading the article, then I made a decision to test it out.  I gained over 800 followers in 6 weeks [If you follow me closely on Instagram, you must have noticed]. So, I thought, why not share with you guys to try out too and let see how it goes.  Let’s get straight into it: [Scroll down to continue reading]

View Post

small business, team for business


How To Build The Perfect Team For Your Business

After several years of reading about how a business can go from making 6/8 figures to bankruptcy, this has left me in a position of fear but better space to be very careful about who I bring on my team. I single handily started The Blogger Point, operated it alone for several months but while I jump from one platform to another with a long list of things to do daily, sooner, I realised I needed a team to support and grow with me. You can grow your business alone but with a team, you can grow faster! View Post

quality Contents for blog

How Do Bloggers Find Quality Contents For Their Blog?

This is one of the biggest difficulties bloggers face: finding contents for their blog. When we talking about content, I mean great contents that keep your readers asking for more and coming back. These actually aren’t as difficult as we take it.

Firstly, you want to make a list of things you are passionate about. Start writing about these things and give yourself time to really discover which one you enjoy the most. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you are writing on topics from different niches. Take this period as your trial period which is meant for experimenting different topics and niches. Other ways to get great contents are: View Post

how to determine your target audience

target audience

Outfit details below [Scroll down]

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when starting a business is trying to target everyone hoping this will bring them more sales. Think about it this way, it’s like asking a question and trying to listen to the response from 100 people at the same time giving you different responses. There is a probability that you will eventually end up not hearing the right and effective response you need.But if you decide to listen to everyone one after the other or in small groups then you have a higher chance of getting an accurate response and even be able to analyse your statistics.

Recent post: http://www.fashionbydaisy.com/fashion-post/styling-co-ord/

That’s exactly how target audience works, target a certain set/group of people and you are sure to get a result such as making sales and boost your revenue. So, let’s go straight into the 5 steps to define your business target audience:

Business Target Audience:

  1. Identify the problem your business is solving: Yes, you have this great idea but before pushing it out there, you want to ask yourself few questions first. Is this idea solving any problem? How?
  2. Start your consumer profile: This is the point you start pointing down every person that suffers this problem and can benefit from the idea as a solution. You need to be very precise and detailed as much as possible. Create a consumer identity: What is the name, age, hobbies, location, job or salary of your ‘perfect consumer’. Group them by market sector, geographic or social group…
  3. Determine your market: Now that you have your idea, you know what problem this idea is solving and you know who is likely to be the general consumers of this idea. Now, it’s time to think about the market they are. Here is where you need to identify who will be your direct target audience and indirect. For example, A hotel direct audience would be travellers and tourists but their indirect target audience will also be local residents. Travellers and tourists logically need a hotel to lodge while local residents already have their homes but might just want to get away occasionally. So, ask yourself, who really need your products/services (Direct target audience) and who might still benefit from it (Indirect target audience)?
  4. Internal resources: Now, you are thinking, who do you really focus on? Logically, it is the direct audience but do you have internal resources to target this audience? Can your company afford it? Do you have the right manpower or capital? Can you afford to target one location for a start or different locations?
  5. Selling point: Now, that you have all the responses to that question. Ask yourself one last question: Why will this target audience come to me? What makes you stand out? Once you can confidently give a reply to this question then you are targeting the right audience. If not, you need to review your steps over again.

I didn’t want to make this too long and too in-depth but I hope it can help you kick-start the journey of identifying your consumer? – Now that you know who your consumers are, let me know if you want me to write on ‘How to effectively target your consumers’ (Targeting the right consumers = More sales)

Thank you for reading.

Comment below, let me know what you think and if you have any area you want me to write on, drop it in the comment section

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