5 Experts And Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following To Help Build Your Business

Recently, I made it a habit to listen to inspirational speeches while I get ready in the morning. Sometimes, I share some key points that I can relate to on my social platforms. Every time I share an inspiration speech video on my Snapchat [Fashionbydaisy] or Instagram [@itsmaryamsalam], I get lots of people asking me who the speaker was or what is the link to the video.

It’s not easy building a business, especially when you have other things going on for you like a full-time job, part-time job or education. That’s why it’s important to learn from experts and experienced entrepreneurs to limit your mistakes or errors to the minimum. View Post

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How To Effectively Re-brand Your Blog Without Confusing Your Followers/Readers

One big word that really changed my blogging games this year is “Re-branding“. Many of you know my whole blogging journey had a big turnaround this year and I am glad to see how much people have supported and appreciated me for me.

Again, this post was requested by someone and I totally agree with the person on putting more light on how to effectively re-brand your blog without confusing your readers or followers. Trust me, every blogger at one point has thought about or actually go ahead with rebranding their platform. It simply shows you are growing and learning for you to want a new structure or look of your blog. So, don’t even try to feel bad about it or let your motivation drop in any way. View Post

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Starting an online store nowadays is common among youths and anyone really looking to sell either their services or products. Being in the blogging industry for a few years now, I have noticed us bloggers expand into online retailing. I mean, we already have a platform. So, why not expand into another area of our field of expertise.

While in University, a few years back doing my Undergraduate degree. I used to run an online baseball cap retail platform. I DIY’ed a pompom cap and boom I started getting lots of people ask me where I got them from even got stopped on the street countless time. So, as a business person that I am, I decided to make lots of these caps and sell them on an online store while the trend lasts. It was called “Bizoux”, anyone remember that? View Post

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My Biggest Blogging Challenges

Hey guys,

How are you doing today? Today’s post got me so excited. Can’t figure if it’s because of the style pictures or the topic itself. Just finished completing blog consultations for my “1-week free blog consultation program” winners, remember that? And, I can’t describe how much things I learned from analyzing and just communicating with the bloggers. I enjoy helping other bloggers grow and the whole experience was just wonderful. Thank you guys for trusting me with your blog, I hope I was able to help you shed clarity on some things. 

Moving on, today’s post simply focuses on one common question the bloggers I did the consultation for asked but also, one of the FAQ. What are my biggest blogging challenges and how did I solve them? View Post

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5 Easy Steps To Organising The Best Influencer Marketing Event For Your Brand

Guys, this week post is extremely late, uni has dominated my routine this week and the weather condition isn’t helping at all. Wow, really apologize for the lateness. So, let’s get straight into it.

The more influencers increases in the industry, the more businesses are demanding to work with influencers. Influencer marketing is definitely a smart way you should be looking to grow your business especially as a small brand with a low marketing budget.  View Post

What type of entrepreneur are you? entrepreneur skills

What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?

Hi guys,

Hope you are having a great week? Just one more day of work before we all start screaming ‘TGIF‘. That feeling is very precious to me now since I started lecture fully in Uni. So, today’s post is very much different from the regular post. Let’s call it my own little test and way to check if you’ve actually been learning something tangible from my blog and how much you’ve been doing your homework.

It’s QUIZ time guys and I am really excited about this one. Guys, can you just take a guess and imagine how much time it took me to set up this post? This is my very first engaging quiz on the blog and to be honest, I am really proud of myself *Little tap on the back*. I struggled but nothing can measure how fulfilled I am right now.

Not to waste too much of your time, let’s dive straight into the quiz and discover what type of entrepreneur you are. I had so much fun putting this quiz together and I hope you enjoy taking it as well. I know you don’t have so much of time but I would really appreciate if you can spare few seconds to drop me a feedback. I would really love to get some feedbacks from this post to see if it is something I should so often or just drop it after this try and NEVER attempt a quiz ever again.

Also, don’t forget to tell everyone your final score and what type of entrepreneur you are in the comment section.

[It’s nothing serious, don’t take anything personallyENJOY]

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