my first time

People always ask me how it was and how I felt. To be honest it was a sad and happy moment.¬†Happy because this is a new experience and start of something different and sad because it’s different from what I am used to. My first time in France was one of the most challenging moment. Moving to a new country can be mix feelings and emotions. I had to leave all my friends and normal routine back in Nigeria, however, I was happy to be reunited with my family. View Post

Wondering where to get all those Instagram staples?

Quiz clothing brand is your one stop site to grab great trends for lovely prices. From the time I came across their profile on Instagram, I literally started stalking them and their website. I’ve seen pieces from them across the internet and even added some to my next shopping list.




Shop directly here: Shoe 1, Shoe 2, Shoe 3, Shoe 4 View Post

Photo bombing wasn’t intentional but love this pix!

From history, the corset doesn’t have the best or exciting reputation up till date. Mostly seen as a support such as a waist training, belly shaping or form control which is to be hidden out of sight of the public. Not until recently, when popular designers and artists showcased corset in a brand new way and light on fashion runways and catwalk. View Post