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Taking A Break From Blogging, I will Be Back!

I am quick to advising bloggers to take a break if they need to but applying it to myself seems like the toughest decision ever.

Here is me doing what I personally think if necessary for me, my health, creative path and passion.



Valentine day, Valentine

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5 Things To Have In Mind If Social Media Pressure Gets You Down On Valentine Day

Don’t worry, this moment shall pass. No matter what your relationship status is, it’s not a must to feel overly excited about this day. For all you know, you might be in a relationship on Valentine day and still feel very moody, telling yourself: “I can’t wait for this day to end”.

Valentine day can look like a perfect day for people in a relationship to you but it doesn’t mean their relationship is perfect. A day of dinner, roses and chocolate won’t fix a relationship crack overnight. View Post


Valentine day

Valentine Day: Gift Idea’s For Him, How I Am Celebrating Valentine This Year,Surprise Plan, Introducing My…..

Love is in the air and some people can’t wait for this season of love to be over, most especially when you are single.

Personally, I think celebrating Valentine day is so cliché, as I believe you should appreciate your partner every single day and not just a day per year. However, it has become a tradition and general celebration across the world. View Post