4 Important Blog Pages You Should Have On Your Blog!

4 Important Blog Pages You Should Have

Apart from the fact that these pages make your blog look professional and legit. These are important blog pages you need to have if you plan to work with brands and affiliate links. It’s all part of branding and facilitate ways for brands to get in touch with you. Let’s get straight into it:

  1. About me: This is a page that should contain all details about you, what you do, hobbies and aspirations either related to blogging or not.
  2. Contact me: Facilitating how people can get in touch with you is very important. You never know who can come across your blog. There is nothing as frustrating as a blogger you can’t find their contact details on their blog. Not everybody will have the spare time to DM you on Instagram to ask for your email address.
  3. Privacy Policy: This is very important especially when you are collecting people’s details such as email addresses either for a newsletter or personal contact. Privacy Policy is also part of Google Adsense requirements for qualifications. There are several free policy privacy generators online that can help you generate a policy for your blog after asking for few details. Click HERE to try out an easy one.
  4. Collaborate/Testimonial: This is a page you want to use to reference all your previous collaborations. You can add the name of brands you’ve worked with along with logo or picture, tagging the link to the post you provided for them. This can be called your online collaboration portfolio.

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Maryam Salam

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Casually Confessing On The Blog Like Nothing Happened! [Ramadan Inspired]

blog, ramadan outfit inspiration

Photographer based in Birmingham: Instagram – @selmaabdull

fashion blog

birmingham blogger, blog, nigerian blogger

Bag from AILY (Instagram: @ailyofficial)

Casually Confessing On The Blog….

Initially, I didn’t plan to say this but because it’s Ramadan (Holy month), I have decided to confess. If you follow me closely on Instagram, remember I mention how this jeans jacket casually became mine. Originally, belongs to my dad, but my #InstaFam encouraged me to keep it (Just kidding, not blaming anyone) but then fast forward, this black oversized jumper also belongs to him but he isn’t aware, unlike the jacket.

Every time I go back to France, it seems I always come back with my dad pieces and rock it like an old piece long forgotten. Funny how my sister always fold it after wash back in his closet but my dad will nicely bring it back saying it’s mine. He has no clue that is one of his jumper [Are you wondering where I got my love for fashion for? Well, wonder no more, visit my dad’s closet]. How can you forget such a classic black jumper?!

Unlike me, when I lost a simple pair of socks, I know. So, imagine my jumper disappearing. I will turn my room around to look for it. Just because I know my dad sometimes read my blog, I am confessing: This jumper was yours but it’s now mine! 

Thank You, Dad.

Make a ‘Fashion Confession’ Below (Don’t pretend to be innocent, we’ve all done it before)

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Photographer: Salma (Instagram: @selmaabdull)

Outfit details (Click red links to purchase):

Bag: AILY (Instagram – @ailyofficial), Jacket & Jumper: Dad’s, Joggers: H&M, Sneakers: Adidas Original

Printastic Moment With Grass Fields

grass fields jumpsuit

Ankara jumpsuit

African print jumpsuit

(Photography by Selma – Instagram: @selmaabdull)

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Wow, it been a while and it feels good to be back on writing and most especially styling some interesting pieces. A lot has changed but so far, I am enjoying the NEW me and embracing everything that comes with the change.

Grass Fields:

Today’s post is focused on this beautiful ‘printastic African print jumpsuit from the popular Grass fields clothing (It’s currently on SALE). What I love most about this jumpsuit [Well, I love jumpsuits generally] is the colour and fitting.

Lately, I have fallen in-love with ‘tomato red’ (Like I call it). It’s perfect on dark-skinned and just let your skin pop out. Wide leg trend is back on trend for summer and suitable for the hot weather. 

I’ve heard about Grass Fields before they contacted me and their pieces are just unique. They mostly do limited edition pieces. So, when you are loving one of their items, mmake sure to grab it as soon as possible. You can check them out on Instagram @grass_fields when you can find all their details.

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Maryam Salam

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Where To Share Your Blog Post For More Views & Boost Your Blog Traffic

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Where To Share Your Blog Post For More Views & Boost Your Blog Traffic

After taking the time to gather information and create a great unique content, it’s time to publish and get people to read it. Here are few platforms to share your blog post for those extra clicks, views and boost your blog traffic:

  1. Blogging/Bloggers Facebook groups: There are several blogging/bloggers Facebook you need to join to share your blog-post. Do not overlook any platform at all. Up till date, Facebook remain one of the higly converting platform for view/clicks as it’s easy to re-direct people to your blog.
  2. Twitter: If you are very active on tweeter, rather than just contributing to popular topics, why not start a conversation related to your blog-post and watch how people take interest and click to read more.
  3. Quotes: This is a bit tricky but its actually smart, especially on Twitter. Post a quote picture with a short caption along with the shortcode link to your latest post. People love to re-tweet quotes. From there, your quotes/link can be re-tweeted several times with possibility of more people clicking on the link.
  4. Follow/Read other bloggers post: I know not everyone is patient enough to drop a comment but if you have bloggers you truly love. Read their latest post and try to leave a genuine comment along with short link to your blog.
  5. Self Promotion (Shameless behaviour): In this case, you need to be shameless and blow your own trumpet. Ask friend and families to share your latest post. Trust me, it can spread your post wider than you can ever imagine.


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