Yayyy……I Won Black Opal Nigeria Beauty Campaign Competition

Yayyy......I Won Black Opal Nigeria Beauty Campaign Competition

So, a few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me a DM (Direct Message) on Instagram to enter a beauty campaign competition by makeup brand Black  Opal Nigeria. As a very nonchalant person that I am, I replied okay and didn’t bother but luckily I mentioned it to my house mate. Just a few days before the end of the competition, she keeps asking me if I finally entered the competition. At this point, it was a day before the entry closes, I sluggishly took one of the most ‘low quality’ picture ever and decided to send it to the email. I mean, I upload pictures on social media every day, so why was this a problem? Guess, I was just being very lazy.

Eventually, I was chosen as one of the Top 20’s, then it’s voting time. I managed to qualify as top 10. I can’t explain how this happened because I can remember just mentioning twice on my page. Fast forward to the casting day, it took several hours, literally all day and I was so shocked and didn’t expect it at all to be announced the winner, I mean looking at all the tall models and flawless skin contestants. I concluded already that I can’t win this time.

But, “GOD GAVE IT TO ME, I never experret it”

So, yeah, watch out for your girl in the next Black Opal campaign and on Beauty box magazine cover soon!

Thank You for reading.

X Bizoux de Fashionbydaisy X

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Guess Who Is Back!

Guess Who Is Back!

Hi guys,

Guess who is back? I know I’ve been away for a while and I am one of those bloggers that hate when bloggers apologise for being offline every time. I always scream consistency to bloggers that ask me for the top tip for blogging. Lately, I’ve been super busy with The Blogger Point. Although, I am not complaining but it’s been really taking my time.

Also, recently, I’ve been feeling less motivated to blog due to the quality of pictures I’ve been getting in Nigeria. I am not saying you can’t get great pictures in Nigeria but personally, I am very disturbed with the result of my pictures. I miss all those white and crisp backdrop I get in the UK. Several times I have tried to take pictures in nice hotels, View Post

LFDW: Day 2 – Maison Mimi + 5 Things I Learnt From Lagos Fashion & Design Week


Hello lovelies,

Hope you are doing great? I am back again with my experience at LFDW – Day 2. 

This time, I decided to go a bit late, maybe too late simply because the wait on the first day was too long and almost un-acceptable. For Day 2, I wore a white shirt dress from my fave Nigerian fashion brand Maju layered under my long sleeveless jacket from another fave Nigerian brand Maison Mimi.

I believe LFDW isn’t only about just going for streetstyle and shows then heading back home to sleep. It’s an opportunity for bloggers to network not only with bloggers but brand as well. So, today, I will be sharing 5 things I was able to learn at LFDW as a newbie:

1. Put yourself out there: I mean, I couldn’t imaging myself being in Nigeria and not attending LFDW. Okay, maybe you are allowed to miss it if you have an engagment conerning your career or medical situation. As a blogger, every opportunity you get to put yourself out there and be at all these events is a plus to your blogging career.

2. Networking: This is also related to my first point. When you put yourself out there, its also creating an avenue for you to network not only with bloggers but brands.

3. Staying True to myself: When other bloggers approached me or other way round. I feel like there is not special expectation from me as my attitude both on social media and real life matches. Many times I eventually meet some bloggers in real life and they turn out to be snob, arrogant or rude. I mean numbers and statistics are great online ost especially to work with brands but at the same time you surely don’t want to lose who you really are. Personally, I think thats key and it reminds me to always stay true and real to myself both online and offline.

4. Keep doing what you do best: LFDW has really given me the chance to meet bloggers and my blog readers in real time. And trust me, every time a blogger, photgrapher or reader approache’s me to tell me they know me or real my blog always feels like a magic moment to me. I met few readers and bloggers who made my whole experience great. Shout out to: Akin Faminu, Grace Alex, Angel Obasi, Desola, Opara, Deola, Dodos, Whitney and much more. I mean meeting all these lovely people shows some bloggers still believe in ‘bloggers supporting each other rather than competing’.

5. Finally, Enbrace your personality: Before recent years, I’ve always thought i need to prove to people how much they need to understand that loving fashion or blogging isn’t a waste of time. I felt like i needed that to validate my passion but guess what now, I am more than proud to say “I am a fashion blogger” because in all honesty blogging has really changed my life in  positive ways I can’t event start listing. I proudly accept the fact that I love fashion without feeling any type of way.

I know it’s another long post again but I hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you next time for my Day 4 recap (I missed Day 3)

Thank You for reading.

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Outfit details: Shirt dress: Maju | Jacket: Maison Mimi | Heels: Next | Clutch: Asos | Choker: DIY gift bag ribbon


LFDW: Day 1 – Belois Couture + First Timer Experience At Lagos Fashion & Design Week


Hi guys,

It’s been a while on here. Well, if you follow me closely on social media, you will know I’ve been going to Lagos Fashion & Design Week every day and trust me it’s been very stressful yet fun.


It’s my first time at LFDW and I’ve enjoyed every moment starting from street style to runway. The designers are extremely creative and unique in their own ways. Their designs are very versatile and relatable. Also, can I mention how wearable their pieces are? I mean how many times has all these big brands showcased designs not wearable nor practical?


Outfit details: Skirt & top – @beloiscouture | Shoes & Bag – Zara

For the Day 1 – I got to the venue early as the program says “runway starts at 5pm” but then I forgot we are in Nigeria. In reality, street style starts at 5pm while the main runway show starts at 8pm. 

As a first timer, I think the LFDW org. need to improve on:

  • Timekeeping ( 3 hours lateness is no more fashionable)
  • Provision for Everyone: As a press, I expect to have a reserved space at the front if not front row to be able to see clearly and ofcourse capture the magic moments on my camera for articles
  • Acknowledgment of bloggers
  • Provision of affordable drinks or snacks point ( The hotel restaurant shouldn’t be the only option)
  • A real street-style area (It isn’t really a street-style when it’s not taken on the street)
  • Better organisation (Information on tickets, start time etc….)

(Credit via Bellanaija)

For the first day, I wore these two pieces from Belois couture as they were programmed to kick off LFDW, I just thought it is right wearing their design to show my little support. Everyone loved the mixture of Ankara print and mesh fabric. Trust me when I say this look was on every street style website for Day 1.

X Bizoux de Fashionbydaisy X

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(Credit via Bellanaija)

Life In Naija: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Returning To Nigeria

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Photographer: Instagram – @nasiruahmed_photography

Hi lovely people,

In few days, I will be celebrating my 3rd month in the Motherland, so I thought about sharing few things I’ve learnt so far and using my experience as a case study for anyone new in town or planning to take a trip down here. Let’s dive into it, firstly:

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Returning To Nigeria

Transportation: I personally think Uber is the best secured and most comfortable change that has benn introduced into Nigeria transportation system. Especially if you haven’t been around for long and you don’t really know your way around here.But, beware, it can cost you a fortune. Accumulation of N950 here, N2,500 there can eventually be lots of cash at the end of the month. So, if you aren’t driving, here are few things you have to consider before ordering for that Uber:

  • Weather: Uber prices tends to double up or even go as high as X6 of the normal price when it rains. It’s called Surge period. So, consider waiting for it to get back to normal pricing or just getting someone drop you off.
  • Time: You want to avoid booking your cab during work closing time. You don’t want to get stuck in heavy Lagos traffic with your Uber charge still counting.
  • Distance: Trust me Uber isn’t the best option when going for a long distance journey. I remember someone saying the other day that a lady took Uber from Ajah all the way to Akute (Ogun State) and it ends up costing her 23 thousand naira. Like really? In this situation, I think a government approved yellow cab (Approximately 7/8 thousand naira) or getting someone to drop you off will be better. *Just saying

Outfit details: Sunglasses – Dapmod (Nigerian brand), Bodysuit – Zara, Hat – Maju (Nigerian brand), Denim short – Levis

Customer’s service: Great customer’s service isn’t very common in Nigeria. So, don’t come with the ideology of ‘Customer is KING’. It doesn’t really apply in Nigeria. Maybe you will find 10% of Nigerian establishment with fantastic customer’s service.

Tip: So, I basically just prepare my mind to get a “not so great” customers service. If it turns out to be otherwise, well, that’s great news.


Amebo’s: Basically in Nigeria, most people just naturally think your business is theirs. They complain about your makeup, hairstyle, clothes or anything at all without your permission or you asking for their opinions. Don’t be surprised if you randomly see an older woman  preaching to you about having too much makeup on. Also, Nigerians love to stare. People will look at you for minutes, hours and more without blinking.

Tip: Just stay humble and be yourself. You don’t need to waste your energy to complain about things or reply to unnecessary comments. Your rant will probably not change anything and one thing I realised is: The more you complain about things, the less you enjoy your stay!


Internet subscription: I think Internet was one of my biggest concern when coming to Nigeria. Getting a cheap and decent internet subscription was my priority. Compared to last year I spent almost 2,500 naira weekly on internet subscription, this time, I spend 2,500 naira monthly with GLO 10G monthly package (I am not even doing any advert for GLO here). So far, the network has been alright. Also, internet network depends on your location. So, make sure to do proper findings from people living around before committing to one.


Meeting people “Mingling: I think Nigeria is one of the easiest countries to make friends or meet people if you are at the right place with the right set of people. I don’t  really enjoy clubbing (anymore), so, lounge’s, restaurant and bar are my favourite places to chill with few friends. You can meet and mingle with new people at open events. If you follow a particular Instagram account called @eventplace9ja. They post all about events happening in Lagos daily to keep you updated on what’s going on.

Tip: Network! Network ! Network. Use any opportunity to be around people either sharing the same hobby as you or for a business purpose. Attend seminars, workshops, exhibitions or meet up events. Avoid just sitting in all day or week. Be open-minded and try to be open to new things, people or experience but this is Naija, you need to be extra careful and be smart too!

Thank you for reading! Hopefully, this was helpful

Photography byInstagram @nasiruahmed

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